Wednesday, February 28, 2007


It's a long trip alone over sand and stone
That lie along the road that we all must travel down
So maybe you could walk with me a while
And maybe I could rest beneath your smile
Everybody stumbles sometimes and needs a hand to hold
'Cause it's a long trip alone

~ Long Trip Alone


Funny how no matter where I run
‘Round every bend I only see
Just how far I haven’t come

~ Every Mile A Memory

Songs written by Steve Bogard, Brett Beavers and Dierks Bentley

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart

That's just about how I feel right now, too soon old too late smart, with lots of things in my life. I never felt old, I never thought I was old, I never worried about getting, looking, or being old.

Not until I started feeling stupid.

I never often felt stupid until the past few months. Lately I've been feeling stupid and ignorant (which I acknowledge are two different things). Stupid about things I don't know that I should know, ignorant about things that I'm just naive or kept in the dark about. It's troubling me a bit.

I feel inadequate. Like I've made terrible mistakes parenting (way too late smart), with my education (too soon old, too late smart), in my relationships with men (the first one--too naive, too scared, too immature; the most recent--definitely too late smart, but also too much. Too much real.

Now I feel stupid. Makes me feel old. Too soon old.

Too late smart.

In the Know

A true friend
takes interest in
what you're all

Friday, February 16, 2007

Come On Back To Me

You've been hiding now for so long
Never understanding why
Running far away from the truth
And all along chasing after lies

I have loved you from the beginning
Long before you knew my name
Even though you've broken my heart
I'll love you just the same
I'll love you anyway

Never mind your worries
Never mind your fears
They can only take you far from me
When you feel there's nowhere
Left for you to turn
Well, I got all you want
And everything you need
Come on back to me

Come on back to me

Do you believe in second chances
Or in a love that never fades
Put your faith in what you can't see
Just put your hand in mine
And I'll show you the way

Never mind your worries
Never mind your fears
They can only take you far from me
When you feel there's nowhere
Left for you to turn
Well, I got all you want
And everything you need
Come on back to me

Come on back to me

~Third Day

Thanks For The Memories!

This just took me WAY, WAY back. I was trying to think of concerts I have been to for a comment to Daniel’s post at Alien Soil about the closing of an amphitheatre where he saw a lot of concerts, once upon a time. Anyway, I ran across a 1981 playlist from a radio station that I used to always listen to when I lived in French Lick. “Double-U, L, S, Chi-ca-go!” I can still hear/sing their jingle--with emphasis on the “L” and the “ca.” :) WLS out of Chicago and WAKY out of Louisville were the two radio stations that I first remember listening to at home, and sometimes WITZ , Jasper, on Sunday afternoons. Then when I was in high school WUME started up in Paoli, IN, and they played everything—country, rock, top 40, oldies, gospel, etc--EVERYthing all mixed up until they established a regular format. And every night they took requests and dedications. It was an awesome thing for teenage girls! It was the first Instant Messaging! Dedicate a song that sent a message. IM in the 70s! We made good use of it.

Ah, the memories. But back to my first point, the songlist here: I remember most every song and at least have heard of most every artist. These songs take me back to college, sitting in Cindy and Lisa’s dorm room in Burford Hall at Indiana State, watching General Hospital, or listening to REO Speedwagon and Pat Benatar. Skipping class in the spring to lie out in the sun on the dorm’s rooftop deck. Freezing our bikinied tails off in late February and into March. Had to get a jump on spring break and tans! I remember taking coolers up there and someone’s stereo that was plugged in to several extension cords that stretched down the stairs that led up to the roof and down to where the nearest outlet was. We danced and sang and sprayed ourselves with water and baby oil. The guys in the dorm across the way would hold up signs as they looked through their binoculars at the sights. And I honestly don’t remember any particular obscenities or vulgarity from either side. Most of the signs would have “Hi Brooke” or other girls’ names. We were all good kids, you know. ;) Those were the days.

What happened to “the” days? Where are those people? Mary, Connie, Rhonda, Joy, Cindy, Lisa. And where is Rich Matthew?! Wonder if the Matthew’s still have a tree growing up through the floor in their house?

Thanks for taking me back, jDR. It was a good time. Sorry you missed it. What were you, maybe 4 yrs old? I'm sure you were doin your own Peaceful Meadows thing.

What were the rest of you doing when I was a freshman in college, 1980-81 school year? And/or what concerts have you been to? That was the topic of this post when I first started it.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

February 14


to Tina and to Matt!

"Valentine's Day was invented by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap."

~Joel - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


"I'm so out of season
You left me cold and I'm standin here freezin"

And I'm singing REO songs. That pretty much puts me out of season, out of touch, out of style...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Naps Are Good